Every year, the Mid-Autumn festival is celebrated by people like me born and grown in Guangzhou. In addition to eating mooncakes and river snails or enjoying the scene of a full moon, large groups of children are playing with lanterns. I think people who post-90s, even post-00s, fancy playing with traditional lanterns with candles. Over time, the Mid-Autumn festival has become a candle festival, bonfire festival, or so call wax-burning festival. 


The place that we play is usually set up on the ground of urban communities. Not only the primary school students but middle school teenagers also play it harder. They even use liquid alcohol or fuels, which the flame from the explosion can be two meters high. In order to bloom up the fire, the "wax pot" is an installation that burns to a specific temperature and explodes. Firstly, we take a metal mooncake box, small candles, lighters, flammable paper, wood or hay. When the leader guys were ready, they began to fire under them, light a few thick and round candles as primary energy. The candle should lengthen the wax core so that the fire will burn wider and more extensive. Finally, place bricks to form a platform and put a mooncake box upon it.


Usually, a group of three or five people will wax the bottom of the metal box and inner, and in the meantime, someone is taking charge of the fire beneath. The fire should be as intense as possible, but ideally, do not put something with plastic otherwise, the fire will emit black smoke and smell very bad. Put the solid candles into the mooncake box is an inevitable process, even a melted one, but better with a core. Add candles as you burn, and when the candles melt as liquid wax, it becomes boiling almost at the right temperature, then the whole box is set to fire. The last step is the most anticipated and probably the high tide of the entire wax-burning game. Buy a small bottle of ice water and rapidly pour it vertically into the boiling box. The box burst out of an enormous flame, accompanied by liquid wax to rush more than a meter high. We were so excited when this handmade device can eventually set off fireworks.


Later, we slightly buildup skills and changed the mooncake box toward a tall pot from Ba-Bao porridge. Suddenly, the flame rushed higher and tried almost to the third floor high. To speak frankly, we all know that wax-burning is quite risky with potential fire hazards. However, there's no denying that kids like to take risks, at least for us at the time. For individuals, the Mid-Autumn festival night darkly sneaks behind from the guards to grow a fire, and then being chased by the guard feels such a thrilling and exciting thing, even became the annual off recorded events at the age of time. Surprisingly, kids love this annual appointment. If dining late during the festival night, eating a half will inevitably have a friend urge you to go, the heart is so wild up. When the children around the communities have grown up and had their business, no one engages in the wax-burning leisure anymore.










A brochure about how to waxing