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For a long time in my childhood, my father wasn't home and toy boats accompanied me. Various vessels give me a novel and special feeling. I’d love vessels which is a symbol for me, a symbol of memory. It can connect the real vessels in my memory as a joint between my father and me. Whenever I see a grand ferryboat, I always think of my father. Nevertheless, I do not like the ocean, because of the current. The waves brought me vertigo. I had hoped my father would appear by the seaside with the ferryboat where he had worked so hard and cared so much for. So I was lying on the beach.

After the 2010s, my father came back to Victoria harbour again,  I wanted to shoot a film about my father and his boat.

The film was divided into 14 sections, and 14 days were the days when my father came back home. Three channel multifaceted image is projected in the room to make the scene more stereoscopic.

From Victoria harbour to the Pearl River 

three channel video  14'39"  


archive photos


I tried to shot vessels that my father had worked on in those years, and obviously a lot of them were retired.

(part of vessels)