Performance in a public place  2021

After Ulman's social media performance in 2014, two years later, a California girl Lil Miquela showed up on Instagram and started to share her daily, just the same as Ulman or most of the young girl would do. Unlike Ulman, Miquela is a virtual character who can only survive in cyberspace. As a matter of fact, the artist from a Brud company creates fictional figures by the Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI), and there is a marketing team operating her. Miquela can speak, can sing and make many gestures on moving images. The tricky things creators leave on fictional influencers are the near-perfect texture of the skin but gaze into the images, and we could still figure out the fiction.

2014年,阿玛莉亚·乌尔曼的作品“卓越与完美”在社交媒体上表演两年之后,一个来自加州的女孩米凯拉(Lil Miquela)出现在Instagram媒体上,并每天开始她的表演——表演内容与乌尔曼相似,模仿大多数年轻女孩向往的生活。但与乌尔曼不同的是,米凯拉是一个只能在网络赛博空间生存的虚拟⻆色。事实上,这位被来自Brud 公司的艺术家通过电脑生成图像 (CGI) 创造出来的虚构人物,幕后还有一个营销团队在运营着她。米凯拉会说话,会唱歌,在视频中像真人一样互动,与真实网络红人合照。近乎完美的皮肤纹理,但通过凝视图像,我们仍能发现虚构的本质。